Kumite between two studentsIn the semi-free Ippon Kumite phase of Karate training, one student throws one or two "pre-arranged" techniques while another student attempts to block and counter attack. For students who are proficient in the fundamentals of Karate, the method provides and opportunity to sharpen reflexes, practice street techniques and get practical experience in Kata techniques.

Jiyu Kumite is the most advanced stage of Karate training, with students engaging in "free fighting" with other Karate-Kas, or students. Jiyu Kumite permits students to apply all the techniques they have practiced, to be original in executing techniques, and to determine which techniques most easily fit their body style. The main objective of Jiyu Kumite is to find an opening in the opponent's defense and place a technique in the opened defense. All techniques must be under control at all times. There is never any intent to injure an opponent and all techniques are delivered with minimum contact. No techniques are allowed to the joints, eyes, spine, or throat -- good "street techniques," but too dangerous to be used in the Dojo. Jiyu Kumite gives the Karate student an opportunity to perfect his offensive and defensive techniques in a situation similar to real combat. Student practicing Jiyu Kumite develop self-confidence, speed, rapid technique, breath control, and limited "fighting" experience.

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