Isshinryu Karate


One might call Karate an educated way of street fighting, but as you study Karate you'll find that there is much more to it than this. 

The conditioning alone that the average person gets out of Karate is well worth the time and effort. We do not make an promises that we are going to make a superhuman out of you, but the average person in Karate has never been in better physical condition in his or her life. Karate is hard work and it demands a person be in good condition. 

As to self defense, Karate is the ultimate. The power, the speed, and the devastation that comes to the average person learning Karate is something to behold. A person is taught to deal with the everyday happening of real life situations in self defense. 

Karate is a martial art which was perfected in Okinawa after many centuries in the Orient, it is based upon both mental and bodily discipline. It is considered to be one of the finest forms of exercise. 

As the Karate pupil develops, he or she is taught to apply the knowledge by sparring with fellow students. Such sparring contests afford the pupil an opportunity to test and polish the techniques put on so that students from all styles may participate against each other for a mark of measuring for self improvement. 

Karate is not merely an excellent physical exercise for self-defense. The complete control required for the mastery of physical movements; the effort and discipline required in the search for the ultimate and the mastery of the art, lies in the foundation and the development of good citizenship and the ultimate in self confidence. All of the above mentioned characteristics of Karate-Ka are a must. 

With these qualities of conditioning, self-defense, the sporting aspect of Karate, the self confidence, the security, and that Karate can become the ultimate perfection of the human character. 

These are the benefits you will derive from Karate when you add your name to that list of those who have made BLACK BELT... But only you can put your name on that roll... NO ONE ELSE, ONLY YOU!

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